August Storytelling Night: Confusion

Storytelling Night Theme
  • Suggested theme:¬†Confusion

We’re in the process of picking storytellers now. This month’s group of storytellers will include members of our local community as well as members of Hampton Roads NOW. N.O.W. has for year fought to have women’s voices heard and this is how we’re celebrating the tradition.

Event details

Time: 7 p.m.
Date: Sunday, July 16, 2017
Location: Push Comedy Theater, 763 Granby Street, Norfolk
Admission: $5 (Buy advanced tickets.)
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About Tell Me More… Live Storytelling: Everyone has a story, and there are plenty of storytelling events and podcasts around the world to showcase them. We’re not that different – except we tell stories mostly from a small stage in a mid-size military town. See the show regularly at the Push Comedy Theater in Norfolk, Va. As a hat tip to the improv theater, each show has a one-word theme. For upcoming shows, please find the schedule here. If you have a story you think fits one of the upcoming themes, sign up here.

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