Themes and Show Dates

Tell Me More… Live Storytelling hosts a regular storytelling night 7 p.m. the third Sunday of the month at the Push Comedy Theater, 763 Granby St., Norfolk. We showcase storytellers sharing stories inspired by a one-word theme. Here is our most up-to-date storytelling schedule:

September 17

Theme: Awkward
Why did that just happen?

October 15

Theme: Revolt
Fight for your right.

November 19

Theme: Patience
What you need during holiday dinners.

December 17

Theme: Destiny
Being where you’re meant to be.

Admission is $5. You can buy tickets at the door or online.

Want to tell your personal story?

  • Pick a theme from one of our shows above. (If you have a story but it doesn’t fit any of the themes, tell us about it anyway.)
  • Make sure you can tell your¬†story in 15 minutes or less.
  • Submit your story by:
  • Deadline: The end of the month before the show.
  • By the way, we totally respect any requests not to be included in the podcast.