June Storytelling Night: Discoveries

Tell Me More... Storytelling Night - June

On the road again to a crazy fun summer of discovering ourselves and each other and trying to enjoy it all rather than be annoyed by it. (Ryan McGuire | Bells Design)


Thanks to everyone for coming out! We packed the house and hosted some really wonderful storytelling. Keep an eye to the site for more upcoming events and podcasts!


Join Tell Me More… for our storytelling night on June 21 at the Push Comedy Theater. Each month we tell stories inspired by one word and a song.

It all begins on this first day of summer. This story we’re going to tell in the future. It’s such a nebulous thing. Finding ourselves and losing others, we’re hoping for truth and feeling deceived. Suspicion rules. We can lay on the beach and ask the stars for an answer while a couple makes love only a few yards away under a Catamaran. Actually, who knows what their doing over there. It’s dark. We’re lonely. One day, we’ll see: That thing we’re searching for is the same story we’ve told all along. It just took a little hot air to discover our voice for those who have a night to spare as the first day of summer solstice sets.


NEBULOUS THINGS: Stories of truth and deception
The one word: Discoveries
The song: “Suspicious Minds,” Elvis (Video below.)

Featured Storytellers
  • Alicia Luma
  • Bryan Lewis
  • Evan Lambert
  • Matt Moreau
  • Paul Costen
  • Scot Rose

Our host
  • Brendan Kennedy

If all goes as planned, all stories will be recorded and posted individually as an episode for the Tell Me More… Live podcast.

Event details

Time: 8 p.m.
Date: Sunday, June 21, 2015
Location: Push Comedy Theater, 763 Granby Street, Norfolk
Admission: $5
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