Storytelling tips

Here are some storytelling tips we’ve collected from sources we admire that we plan to use for our storytelling format:

Do this
  • Be authentic. Truth in storytelling is the key. Exaggeration is good. Lies, not so much.
  • Put your notes away. We want to hear your natural cadence – which can include an awkward pause or a moment or two of silence.
  • Know your story well enough to have a good time. While taking a moment to pace the story or gather yourself works, struggling for a memory won’t.
  • Build a solid journey with a mix of good details, high stakes, and emotional investment
  • Share your profound and unusual experiences.
  • Remember that revealing yourself on stage takes courage.
Don’t do this
  • No standup routines. Although we are thick with funny people and we love you all, save the schtick for open mics and comedy nights.
  • No rants. Injustice and irritation work, but Lewis Black isn’t here.
  • No essays. Your words on paper are gorgeous. Trust the words coming out of your mouth will be too.
  • Storytelling tips from The Moth
  • Tips for pitching a story to Kevin Allison’s Risk!
  • 4 storytelling tips from the co-creator of the blockbuster mystery podcast “Serial”
  • Kevin Spacey’s top 3 tips for better storytelling
  • Featured photo: Walk off stage feeling as confident as Big Foot traversing his deep forest home. (Ryan McGuire | Bells Design)