Angel Sanchez, an 8th-grade ‘failure’

Angel Sanchez is no dummy despite failing the eighth grade. It’s possible that if you had the year he did, you wouldn’t have fared better.

Angel along with Scot Rose, Erin Lindstrom, Jessa Gaul and Tina Finnerty came out to tell stories inspired by the word “disappointments.” We thought the theme could inspire stories about succeeding at failing hard, but we were open to wherever it would take them.

Angel Sanchez is a 30-year-old chef and comedian. He has been with the sketch comedy group Absolute Uncertainty for 5 years.

Listen! Angel’s story…

Content warning: Each episode potentially contains mild to strong language as well as adult themes – including descriptions of sex and violence. This specific episode contains an f-bomb.
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Angel Sanchez

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