A costume a little less evil than Hitler

Note (June 13, 2016): John Sharp died June 12 after a long illness. Over the past few years, John found a local comedy family through The Pushers, who taught him the rules of improv. He spent a lot of time at the Push Comedy Theater. He dipped his toes in everything the theater had to offer, including storytelling. He once wrote “…I don’t like to brag, but I am witty, charming, and the most loyal friend you will ever have.” These words, written in jest, rang true for many who knew him. We will miss his gentleness and humor. We will miss our friend.

John Sharp joined us in October to share a story about “disguises.” He went literal and told us a story about the misunderstood costume he wore as a very young man.

“John’s sincerity speaks to you through his eyes. He’s seen some things, and he has stories to be told. Thoughtfully and softly enough to make you lean in and listen.” – read his full Q&A on AltDaily.com.”

Content warning for this specific episode: Pretty clean.


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