Evan Hartley’s Long Story Short

A few months ago Evan Hartley asked to intern for Tell Me More… Storytelling. As the professionals we are, we thought about her offer and decided to accept it. Secretly, we were giddy, and Deb couldn’t stop repeating, “Oh my gosh! We have an intern. We have an intern! What now?”

When Deb and Evan sat down to discuss “what now,” Evan pitched her idea for “Long Story Short,” a man-on-the-street storytelling podcast. A couple of weeks later she sent her first draft episode. Everyone on staff listened to it and offered her lots of feedback. And like the professional she is, she survived what probably felt like a forever-long critique and returned to the drawing board. Not long after that, she returned with the finished product you find here.

Evan Hartley is an early graduate of The Pushers’ teen improv classes. She continues to study and perform improv. She also serves as an assistant teacher for current teen improv classes and workshops through the Push Comedy Theater.

Long Story Short, Episode 1

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