JT Williams: Tomato violence

JT Williams joined us for the theme of “family.” JT hated tomatoes, but his mother made it stick.

This is JT’s second turn for Tell Me More… Storytelling Night. His first story also included a story about family.

JT on JT: “I’m a Norfolk resident currently living in one of the more highly flood prone parts of town. I’m also a regular at theMonday night open mic at The Venue, as well as a teacher, a published poet, and an amasser of stickers, notebooks, and t-shirts. Lastly, my blog, The Nauseating Truth, is where I keep the written versions (more or less) of a lot of my stories.”

Listen! JT Williams’s story…

Content warning: Each episode potentially contains mild to strong language as well as adult themes – including descriptions of sex and violence. This episode contains some harsh language.
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JT Williams. (Photo: Amber Nettles)

JT Williams. (Photo: Amber Nettles)