Long Story Short, Ep. 3: Favorite Tattoos on You

Long Story Short is a man-on-the-street storytelling podcast recorded and produced by Evan Hartley. This week’s episode was recorded over the summer when the Warped Tour stopped in Virginia Beach. Evan asked band members, roadies and fans to tell her the stories behind their favorite tattoos.

Evan Hartley is an early graduate of The Pushers’ teen improv classes. She continues to study and perform improv. She also serves as an assistant teacher for current teen improv classes and workshops through the Push Comedy Theater.

Listen! Long Story Short, Ep. 3: Favorite Tattoos

Content warning: Strong language.
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Featured photo: For each episode of “Long Story Short,” Evan Hartley ask people on the street one question meant to inspire a story. (Photo: Ryan McGuire | Bells Design)