Melissa Baumann’s real treat

Melissa Baumann’s mom knew how to pinch a penny so much so that Melissa didn’t realize milk is a liquid and snack cakes actually have expiration dates.

Melissa Baumann on Melissa: ” I’m a passionate volunteer, a champion of the underdog, and I’m unabashedly vocal about local shopping. I’m the Project Lead and UX Consultant for Digital Wave, and I am part of Honey Creative, the incredible team that created “Be A Local LOVEVA,” both the shopping initiative and app. I’ve lived in the area for 18 years and I’ve freelanced for almost every local agency. You can find my columns on NPR, the AJC, AOL (yeah, I said it) and in the archives of The Virginian-Pilot. I’m also working on the Ghost Mural project which would restore old advertising murals in downtown Norfolk.”

Listen to Melissa Baumann tell her story

Content warning: Mild language.
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Featured photo: At one time in her life, Melissa Baumann thought all foods were frozen foods. (Photo: Amber Nettles)