Resident advisors tell director exactly what they think

Timmu Siverd

Timmy Siverd started taking improv classes to relieve some stagnation in his life. Then, our special storytelling night came along.

Timmy Siverd received an anonymous online job review by a bunch of college students and survived to tell the tale to the Tell Me More… Storytelling crowd in April. The word of the night was “evolutions,” which we hoped would lead to tales of stagnation and growth.

Timmy took his first full-time, professional-level job this year as a resident hall director. At 24, he isn’t that much older than the 18- and 19-year-old resident advisors he supervises. But he and they sometimes may as well be a world apart. Those RA’s can be tough and kind.

Recently, he started taking improv classes at The Push Comedy Theater to help him shake things up. Then, he decided to push himself a little bit more by telling his personal story on our stage.

This is Timmy Siverd’s story

April Storytellers

Our April 2015 Tell Me More… Storytelling participants evolved all in one show. Pictured from left: Deb Markham (producer), Timmy Siverd, Rob Williams, Brendan Kennedy (host), Amber Nettles, CB Wilkins, Kyle Reed and Brad McMurran. (Thanks to Pam Good for helping us out with the photo!)