Shawn Drew kisses a girl and thinks about it

Shawn Drew

Shawn Drew on stage. (Photo: Amber Nettles)

Shawn Drew joined the Tell Me More… Storytelling Stage in October to share a story on the theme “disguises.” During the most recent 48 Hour Film Festival in Hampton Roads, she took on a role that didn’t feel that comfortable to her, but she made the best of it. And it made her think about happiness.

Bonus! Watch the film in which Shawn appears “Cold Turkey,” by Skelly Films. It came in third place for the local competition.

Shawn on Shawn: “Shawn Drew is a rarity in our area – she’s a local, born and raised right here in Norfolk, Virginia! She’s an improv and sketch writer & performer here at Push, and is also part of the local film community. In her spare time, she can usually be found petting a dog or cat and talking to it in a baby-voice that irritates the fuck out of everyone.”

Listen! Shawn Drew’s story

Content warning: Contain a little strong language.
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