Alicia Luma’s introversions

Alicia Luma

Alicia Luma quietly enters the stage. (Photo: Amber Nettles)

Alicia Luma joined our stage once again in June to share how she is not the extrovert many people think she is. As you can see from the photo, however, she’s still a performer at heart, and we have the video to prove it below.

Alicia on Alicia:

“I am a mother of three, a daughter of two, and a wife of one. I live in a big, yellow house with other crazy, creative people and I work behind the counter at Red 5 Tattoo in Virginia Beach. I am currently in school at NSU, working on a Master’s Degree in Social Work, which is definitely the scariest thing about my life right now.”

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Alicia Luma’s podcast episode

Alicia Luma’s video

(Video by Paul Costen)