Caswell Richardson’s molodoy life

Caswell Richardson

Caswell Richardson told us a story of transitioning from troublemaker to troublemaker defender. (Photo courtesy of his FB profile.)

Caswell Richardson came to us in May with a story of how a delinquent grew into a man who defends delinquents. (It’s a story that would make any troublemaker’s parents breathe a very deep sigh of relief.) As an added bonus we got a lesson about the difference between the movie and book versions of “A Clockwork Orange.”

Transformations, as the theme of the night proves, happen – especially for Alex and for Cas.

For a little more about who Caswell Richardson is, here’s a few words written by him: “Cas is a criminal defense lawyer, dreamer, and native of Norfolk. When he was fifteen, it seemed like he might have been heading for a life in prison, rather than working to keep people out.”

All rise for Caswell Richardson