Kyle Reed sees the tiny light

Kyle Reed

Kyle Reed, left, told us how sometimes it’s the little things that make for big changes.

Kyle Reed takes the stages for the first time. No, really, it’s the first time he has ever been on any stage, and he chose our stage to tell his story of personal change.

What is it that pushes us to evolve into someone better? Sometimes it’s a long journey with a therapist. For others, it’s a quick realization. Everyone has their thing. Kyle joined us during the April 2015 storytelling night to share what moved him.

The theme of the night included stories of stagnation and growth. The word was “evolutions.”

For his bio, Kyle sent us this:

“Raised in Virginia
His days now spent on the road
Glitter. Always bad.”

What poetry!

Kyle Reed shares his evolution

April Storytellers

Our April 2015 Tell Me More… Storytelling participants evolved all in one show. Pictured from left: Deb Markham (producer), Timmy Siverd, Rob Williams, Brendan Kennedy (host), Amber Nettles, CB Wilkins, Kyle Reed and Brad McMurran. (Thanks to Pam Good for helping us out with the photo!)