Nikki Starr’s past future self

Actress, comedian, and writer Nikki Starr whipped out a letter to tell the story of how her 14-year-old self envisioned her future. Let’s just say, the kid had big plans. Big plans.

Nikki, whom you may know as Nikki Starr Hudgins, is the member of Plan B Improv. In 2012, she appeared on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and even walked away with a little extra cash.

Nikki and five other featured storytellers shared their stories inspired by the word “journeys” and the song “Once in a Lifetime,” by the Talking Heads during our Jan. 18, 2015 debut show.

Content warning: Each episode potentially contains mild to strong language as well as adult themes – including descriptions of sex and violence. This episode is lean enough by our standards. There may be a swear word or two.
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