Rob Williams on hope and improv

Rob Williams

Rob Williams met a very interesting man and now is hooked on the stage.

Rob Willian’s chaplain told him to seek that which brings him hope. Shortly after, he found improv at the Push Comedy Theater, where he met a bunch of new friends in the comedy spirit.

Rob is a student of comedy. He practices and studies sketch and improv at The Push. Currently, he is in the U.S. Navy. He hopes to pursue a degree in theater after his service.

Rob joined us for our storytelling show in April. The theme of the night was stagnation and growth, and we used the word “evolutions” as the one-word suggestion to tie it all together.

After listening to his story, we can say, “Clearly, this young man has evolved.”

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April Storytellers

Our April 2015 Tell Me More… Storytelling participants evolved all in one show. Pictured from left: Deb Markham (producer), Timmy Siverd, Rob Williams, Brendan Kennedy (host), Amber Nettles, CB Wilkins, Kyle Reed and Brad McMurran. (Thanks to Pam Good for helping us out with the photo!)