Thomas Wilkinson’s fantastic voyage

Thomas Wilkinson

Thomas Wilkinson shares his story during the February 2015 Tell Me More… Storytelling Night. (David Adam Beloff | David Adam Beloff Photography)

During our Feb. 15, 2015, show, Thomas Wilkinson shared his story about how a little youthful infatuation can take you on one long strange trip. Watch out Jack Kerouac, Ken Kesey, Neal Cassady and all those other Beatniks and Merry Pranksters. Thomas has a story just for you.

Seriously, he wrote this intro himself: Wilkinson is a functioning alcoholic and the host of the Late Night Menu, an evening of inappropriate stand up comedy, every Tuesday, at the Norfolk Taphouse. When he isn’t black out drunk, Thomas enjoys spending his free time training his anus to learn the brown note. When asked why he replied, “I’ve always dreamed that one day the sound of my farts would cause people to shit their pants.”