Where the greed question comes in

Rick Krupnick shared his story in August. We’re just getting around to producing it with a special intro from Deb and James. COVID-19 closed the Push Comedy Theater, and, thus, shut down Tell Me More… Live Storytelling too. We have a bunch of recordings to get us through. (It’s not like we make bank anyway.) The Push, however, is depending on Facebook livestreams, video-conferencing, and the kindness of friends and strangers. Visit www.pushcomedytheater.com to purchase a gift certificate for a future show or to just outright donate a few dollars. We look forward to seeing you soon-ish!


All episodes may contain strong language.

Featured photo by Brendan Kennedy

What is Tell Me More… Live Storytelling? Everyone has a story. There are plenty of storytelling events around the world to showcase them. We’re not that different – except we tell stories from a small stage in a mid-size military town. Come see the show at the Push Comedy Theater in Norfolk, Va.

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